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Requirements: Website Design
Various devices showing website design for YMCA charity.

The Challenge

After we worked with YMCA Northumberland, Tees Valley YMCA approached us to help refresh their site, which had also become dated and needed a complete redesign. There were various broken links on the site, and many pages didn’t have enough content, making the pages look sparse and incomplete. Many pages did not perform well on tablets and mobiles either, which made it hard for users to access the site content on their devices.

Firstly, we reviewed each page and decided which needed more content, which could be combined, and which we could delete. Doing this gave us a clearer view of what needed to be done and the basis for a more streamlined, structured site for Tees Valley YMCA.

We noticed on the current site that there was not a lot of imagery, and what there was wasn’t the best quality and was pretty outdated. Knowing that there was access to a YMCA assets library from our previous relationship with YMCA Northumberland, we used some of the available images, combined with the best imagery we had from the current site, and transformed the pages into bright, appealing, and easy-to-read pages.

Incite created a much more fluid, easy-to-read site that grabs the attention of the viewer, rather than being a struggle to read on all devices. The design is very similar to the Northumberland version, and looking ahead, we hope to help a lot more YMCA venues look more streamlined and accessible online.



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