Wooden patio doors and wooden patio rail.

White Wolf Studio

Making a noise in the North East

Requirements: Website Design
Various devices showing pages for joinery website design.

The Challenge

John & Greg from White Wolf Studio wanted to update their Wix website for their recording studio business in Durham. They guys had created the site themselves and had ‘got by’ with it for a while, but were looking to refresh it and drive more traffic to the site and convert it to more customers through the door. John & Greg took over White Wolf Studio in 2023 and want to build on its already  brilliant reputation for delivering the highest quality sound recordings possible. 

Incite Web Design’s first job was to contact the previous business owner to gain control of the Google My Business account and allow the guys to have control of it and allow it to display their correct details to customers. Next, we created two design options for the look of the site and updated the tablet & mobile views of the site, which hadn’t been optimised correctly in the past.

When John & Greg had approved the look of the site, we continued to recreate their pages in that style; we worked fast to make the site look more modern and visually appealing, as well as add new images and a constant footer (with contact details) to the rest of the pages so it is ever-present. As with some of our other sites, we’re breaking White Wolf into phases; the next phase we are looking at in 2024 is the SEO & optimisation to further enhance the business’s online presence.