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Online buying, selling & free prize draws

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The Challenge

Our client came to us with a big idea. We turned that idea into a fully functional Buy, Sell, Win shopping platform. This was a challenging project due to the complexity of allowing visitors to register as a seller to list their own products and also allow visitors to buy direct from the seller. Each sale also had to issue a code (Kode) that entitled them to enter a raffle (drawn at the end of each month) or provided an instant win. This project utilised a 3rd party plugin to handle the seller accounts and listings called Dokan. Dokan not only tracked activity for each seller, but it also calculated the commission for each sale. 

Flyer Design

Mi-Kode also needed some promotional flyers for their latest push to attract new customers, which allowed people to scan a QR code and potentially win a prize. We supplied a range of design options, which they chose the below option from.


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